and the fog lifted

I look at your feet and see they walked the same streets like mine.

I look at your hairs and I see them rumpled and lost.

With my fingers I comb my own hair and see some of them lost in my hand.

I look in your eyes and I see all the tears,

which have the same colours like mine.

The same taste.

I look in your heart and I see your decision was love!

Not money or some condition behind.

You loved!

You would have gone anywhere.

I look in my heart, and I start to cry.

My body fall down and I want to break.

I wish to dissapear.

I wish to die.

But then I feel the beat of my heart.

The same beat like yours.

I start crying.

I feel the colours of you.

I understand your art.

I see your light in my heart.

I feel it in my total body.

My body almost explodes.

And I feel an angel taking my hand.

Whispering, to get up.

And to listen:

And then, I hear you crying.

I hear your steps.

I open my eyes.

I look in your face.

And I see myself.

inspired by christine

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